Classy Kids Cook!
By Lisa Sullivan

I met one of the most gracious and precious human beings on a weekend in early May.  What made this person earn the description of grace in my eyes was hearing the
story of how Classy Kids Cook came about…her story.  Her name is Tessy Santos-Medley and she is the Owner and Head Chef of Classy Kids Cook, a vision that became her reality not too long ago. 
Born of a desire to combine her love of cooking with the need to show young girls and boys proper etiquette and table manners, Tessy left her position in the financial industry, her career for nearly 19 years to make this vision happen. 

Tessy’s classes are fun, engaging, and most of all, true life skills learning experience.  The children learn how to set a table.   They cook their own dishes and are sure to
clean up as they go.  Tessy teaches the children to always keep in mind proper etiquette when conversing with each other (waiting for their turn to speak, saying “excuse me”, “please”, and “thank you”, etc.) throughout the class.  “It’s important to always take others into consideration,” she says.

Tessy plans her classes based on what both the children and parents desire, always keeping in mind dietary needs when necessary.  Recently, she held a birthday party for
a young lady turning thirteen.  The girl wanted a pizza party with all the fixings and Tessy made that happen.  Though she normally teaches the class from her own home kitchen, for this particular class, the group was able to use a local church kitchen.  Each guest made their own pizza and cake was brought in to celebrate.  Throughout the entire class the girls measured and poured, created their very own delicious pizza customized to their tastes, and of course, they cleaned up as they went.  It was a success and for the young lady, a memorable birthday for years to come.

Etched in a card from this child’s parent was the following message -“Thank you very much for helping make Brianna’s 13
th Birthday so special.  Without you, I don’t know what I would have done.  You do a great job with all the kids.  Thank you.”

Classy Kids Cook
offers customized classes, special occasion celebrations, and even corporate team building cooking events.  Tessy will work with you based on your budget and requests.  At the end of each class, the students receive a special gift commemorating their experience and customized to the class in which they took.  This gift is a short book complete with pictures from the class (or event); the recipes used, and tips for practice in the home.  It’s a wonderful keepsake for each child that participates.

This summer,
Classy Kids Cook is offering a variety of themed camp weeks.  From Suppers in Space, The Knights Feast, Pirates Bounty, to Rachel Ray and Emeril, each week will be customized to whatever theme for that week.  With a 4 to 1 student-teacher ratio, these classes are sure to fill up quickly. 
In the short time that I visited with Tessy that Saturday afternoon, I could tell her vision has truly become her reality.  The passion in her voice (and in her heart) showed right through.  Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  That’s the Classy Kids Cook motto and from what I could tell, that is exactly what Tessy does.

For more information about Classy Kids Cook, please call 919-359-0043 or visit their website at 
Lisa Sullivan is a freelance writer living in Garner, North Carolina.  To contact Lisa for reprints of this article, please email her at [email protected].   © May, 2007.  All rights reserved.



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